Convergence marketing is the art of aligning brand messaging and momentum  across all channels, both traditional and electronic, to re-engage brand-loyal customers and motivate new prospects. That means front end design and the overall beauty of a brand really matters to long-term customer retention and sales strategy. Our crew can, for example, support your team and the launch of a new product with any/all of the following: initial branding and product naming, product graphic design, product photography, packaging design, catalog layout and copywriting, press releases, online advertising direction, print creative, social media strategy, analytics/data mining, and website construction. Importantly, we are well-versed in the latest technologies and trends of each and capable of working with your team in a spirit of cooperation and courtesy.

Case Study #1  Sporting Goods Design & Marketing Campaign

In early 2021 our friends at Mitsubishi Golf wanted a refresh of really popular aftermarket shaft: C6. They had the technology and research to support the release, confidence in the product performance, and a proven sales channel but they were looking for a modernized graphic treatment that would mark the latest release as distinct and important. At 3VERB, we put the creative machine into high gear and returned not only the updated cosmetic — to match the previous work we’d done on C6 ONYX — but also the photography, email strategy, and marketing collateral for both consumers and their aftermarket fitting partners.

…beyond product naming and branding:

Case Study #2 Women’s Athletic Apparel Brand Re-Launch

When Stonewear Designs made the leap from Colorado to a brand new manufacturing facility in Southern California, it brought along a series of challenges. Originally founded by a passionate climber and known for their unbelievably comfortable women’s apparel, the brand had drifted toward a tougher fashion market, a series of uncomfortable, low-margin retail relationships, and a loss of brand distinction. We updated the early ’90s teal logo, wrote a new tagline, updated the website, managed the data for inventory transition from the previous owner, shot photos for the the Spring line in Colorado and Fall line in Chicago, built a retail outreach map to redefine and enthuse the new retailers, invented two new consumer-driven tie-in initiatives, and did the layout and copywriting for both the Spring & Fall Dealer Guide Books. [+]

…we also build systems for online customization and design packaging:

Case Study #3 Branding & Technology in the Sports Nutrition Industry

Way back in 2006, Infinit Nutrition approached us with a nearly unsolvable problem: There was no easy, off-the-shelf eCommerce platform that would allow endurance athletes to customize their revolutionary sports nutrition drink, put it in the cart, and check out… so we built ’em one, from the ground up, including the core database and slider interface. We went on to update their logo, design their popular ‘Take Control of Your Sports Drink’ print campaign, run countless athlete-centric promotions, and manage technology services for their European, Canadian, Australian affiliates. Today, we still work actively with both Gruppo Nutrition and the wildly popular Polar Joe on marketing, brand, and technology strategy,

…and can design award-winning database structure & online interface:

Case Study #4 FinTech Branding & Technology

Originally named MortgageKeeper Referral Services, SpringFour was founded on a simple but powerful idea: provide folks having trouble with mortgage payments direct access to an array of social services and financial tools to mitigate financial pressure and retain their homes. The business expanded into providing those same services to lenders and in 2015 won the prestigious Empowerment Award from Promontory Financial Group. We built the underlying database, coded the core system for their ‘S4 Direct’ product that delivered information to consumers on banking websites, and designed the interfaces for both their S4 Direct and S4 Desktop products. We also helped them re-brand entirely, turning the phrase ‘spring forward’ into ‘SpringFour,’ and designing their current ‘a step up’ logo.