Author: 3VERB, Inc.

Shooting Caps in California

Riding Across a Sea of Tall Grass in Solana Beach In mid-April I had the chance to spend a few days in beautiful, sunny California with the good folks at Walz Caps who make the best cycling caps money can buy. Photo by the incomparable Hannah Stonehouse Hudson. We lopped off the aerobars in Photoshop because that’s how we roll at 3VERB: Laurent Fignon-style. – […]

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Watching Your Dollars Walk Out the Door

Specialty Retailers Shrug and Wait to See What Goes Down Brick and mortar retailers remain under pressure from online retailers, of course, especially as Amazon continues to hone their game: products offered at little or no margin and an almost perfect delivery channel, your gift of instant gratification arriving the day after you hit the order button. Indeed, recent reporting on their Prime service also […]

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Consumer Context

Allow Your Customers Clarity Across Models and Styles It’s incredibly easy for manufacturers to get so caught up in the (important!) minutia of technical specs and brand message that they forget about the obvious. A few years ago, working for a cycling company, we had an epiphany at 3VERB: consumers might just gravitate to a web page that showed all available models, easily compared, side-by-side […]

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