Month: January 2018

Jet Steps on The Gas

Walmart’s Acquisition Propels Email Campaign while Regional Grocers & CPGs Sit on the Sidelines Over the past four months, Walmart’s has aggressively pursued visibility of items generally identified as traditional grocery store purchases in email after email. It’s not Amazon that should be worried, though. To wit: please find screenshots of from over a dozen emails since June of this year promoting their grocery […]

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Your Biggest Fan

Push a Bicycle Up Into the Jetstream with Any Old Household Fan It always helps to admire the engineering and ingenuity of products you work on, for sure. In 2012 and 2013, Quintana Roo was keen to market the SHIFT technology of their triathlon bikes, a clever offset of the downtube to move air from the drive side to cleaner side of the bike. For […]

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Before & After

Brighten, Sharpen, Push, Shove, Just Make Sure it Looks Perfect I’ve had the chance to work with the renowned Midwest commercial real estate broker, Terry Coyne, for about a dozen years now. Terry’s a friend, too, so no matter how good the composition [photo credit: Gabriella Gallo] of an arriving photo might be, we’re certain go the extra step in production to make sure it […]

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